Woodland Management

A mature tree in a woodlandWe can provide both a practical and an advisory service for management of existing woodland and the establishment of new planting.

We manage our own young woodland (and woodland for other clients) planting, thinning and coppicing for our raw materials for work, fuel and for biodiversity.

Range of services available include: Planting, interplanting, and establishment of new woodlands under Countryside Management Grant Scheme and The Woodland Grant Scheme for farm diversification and for land owners. Planting for screening, shelter belts, amenity, biodiversity and wildlife.

Advice and help in the re-establishment of coppice regimes for craft and fuel.

We will advise on invasive species control and carry out practical work where required.

We can provide a full range of trees/shrubs plus shelters/guards, mulch matting and stakes and ties.

Harvested hazel rodsNewly planted trees